Why I Love Presqu’ile!


  Good Morning Presqu’ile!   Oh how I love you! There are so many reasons to love Presqu’ile Park, no matter when you visit.You can show up early on a hazy fall morning, and observe as Presqu’ile’s beaches and offshore islands start to come alive with sound and activity. Migrating shorebirds start …

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Welcome to Amherst Island


Welcome to Amherst Island! Located on Lake Ontario, just southeast of Kingston, this little island is a haven for wildlife. Every trip to Amherst Island begins and ends with a ferry ride.   It’s only 20 minutes, but there’s always lots to see. This time of year, the ferry has …

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Project Snowstorm


  Project Snowstorm. It’s not a plan to make our winters more challenging. It’s a fascinating research project that monitors the year-round movements of Snowy Owls. Project Snowstorm was started last winter, in response to the historic southward irruption of Snowy Owls.  More Snowy Owls moved south from the arctic …

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Welcome to Gull Island


  Welcome to Gull Island. This windy, treeless little island in Lake Ontario sits just off the south shore of Presqu’ile Provincial Park, in Brighton, Ontario.  It is a haven for wildlife.   Discovering who is there during  different seasons of the year is what makes Gull Island fascinating. In March, thousands of …

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