100 Percent Owls

Hi! I hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring. Today I heard the first Red Winged Blackbirds calling, and the Robins have come back as well. That being said, this post will contain only owls.  Barred Owls, to be precise.

These are all photos I have taken by the lakeshore in the last month or so.  I have taken all of them out the window of my car, as to not disturb the owls.   There are at least two owls down there.   One of them likes to hang out by the side of the road, so it can be pretty easy to spot.

Windy afternoon ‘do!

It is sometimes there in the middle of the day, sleeping!


noon nap

I often see it hunting from a fencepost in late afternoon.

Searching for prey as the sun goes down

Dive bomb!

I have seen Barred Owls catching voles in this field.   They will also eat any small or medium sized rodent, rabbits, crayfish, and frogs.

Where’s Waldo

The other owl is a lot harder to find, as it sleeps at the edges of the woods, far in from the road.   I think I have seen it flying around at dusk as well.

Barred owls will be courting and finding nests this month.   Perhaps these two will meet up!

All the best!




  1. What a treat, thank you!

  2. Douglas M. Guay Guay

    Hello, my friend sent me you images to view ,(Len Holmes) to be exact. Well, I can most certainly appreciate your carefulness in getting your images without disturbing the subjects. It is not often that you can happen upon an individual that will take the time and effort to protect the subjects we like to view and capture . Very well done.

    • Hi there thank you for writing. It takes time to learn to do that, and get over the urge to get closer and closer.

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