Birding Marathon 2017


I love doing birding marathons!    The entire day is blocked off on the calendar, set aside for full-on birding.   I challenge my eyes and ears to try to find as many species of birds as possible. Saturday, May 13 was Global Big Day, and the day of my …

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Calendars to Benefit Fixed Fur Life Animal Rescue


Hello there!   Want to help animals and get ahead on your holiday gift purchases too?   Scroll down and take a look at my nature calendars, and choose some for your family and friends. All proceeds go to the animal rescue group in our area called “Fixed Fur Life.” …

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Presqu’ile Piping Plover Update: Flapping and Napping!


The Piping Plover Chicks at Presqu’ile are almost 4 weeks old.  Look how they have grown! All 3 chicks are alive and well.  They have had  lot of changes in their lives over the past couple of weeks. When the chicks were a couple of weeks old,  they received identification …

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