Two Weeks in Spring

Spring Fever!   I’ve got it,  just like I do every year.   This time of year there are changes in the natural world everywhere you look.


More colourful migrants arrive each day, like this lovely Pine Warbler.


Tiny Golden Crowned Kinglets have arrived at the lakeshore in busy little flocks.


With the ice finally coming off of the local ponds, all kinds of action is taking place.   We have a muskrat who sits out in the water on top of the ice and dines on last year’s cattails.


The local beavers have been busy at work building huge dams and taking down lots of trees.


This one seems to be plotting something evil!


We found an otter out and about too.  It was sniffing the air and trying to figure out what we were.   Eventually it just disappeared.


These Canada Geese made a crash landing into the icy end of the pond one morning, not realizing a layer of ice had formed in the night.   They were just fine afterwards, but it made quite a spectacle!


Waterfowl migration has been in full steam, and along with it some real beauties, like this Horned Grebe.


Hooded Mergansers are also passing through.   They have to be the most shy and flighty birds around but I did manage a decent shot finally.


Of course, spring means love is in the air.   These two male Common Mergansers were putting on quite a show for their lady friend.   She looks unimpressed, but you never know.


What a show this Mute Swan was putting on for his mate, who is sitting serenely on the shore.


Not to miss out on the action, these Turkey Vultures were loving each other on top of the old barn across the road.   This is the “after” shot.


Yesterday I found Mama Barred Owl sitting on her nest, the same place she raised two babies last year.   I could not be more excited!   Can you see her peeking out of the hole in the middle of the photo?  This is the back of the nest, she actually enters it from the other side.


My favourite find of the last two weeks was this gorgeous fox.  She was hunting in a field at sunset, and did not seem to be bothered by me at all.

Spring is here!   Enjoy the changes!



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  1. Lol, the Common Mergansers look like they are trying out for the synchronized swim team. I hope one of them was successful after the show. It’s great to see the Mother Barred Owl back on her nest.
    Spring is here once more.
    Thank you, Leslie.

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