Fox Family Fun

I’ve just spent the last two nights with a family of foxes!



Let me admit right here I am unabashedly IN LOVE.


Bath time

Mama and Papa fox have been raising  6 little kits in a quiet neighbourhood by the water.  The babies were born in a den under a garden shed.


Ever watchful Mama Fox

The first night I went to see them it was raining a bit, and the foxes were out playing around under the trees.   The mother fox was grooming them and watching over them carefully.


What’s up?

A couple of the kits came out to the side of the road and took a look around.

Did I mention this is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life?   Watching the foxes is like watching a combination of a dog and a cat.    What do you think?


Papa Fox with dinner

Last night the weather was lovely and I went back to see the foxes one last time.   I waited over an hour, and nothing happened at all until just before dark.   All of a sudden the father fox went running across the field with dinner for the kits.   Then the fun began.


So curious

Once they had eaten, the little foxes started to run all over the place.   One even came out to the side of the driveway where I was sitting.


Stare Down

The father fox headed back out to go hunting, but not without first giving me a good long stare, and even barking at me twice.   I did not know foxes bark.   It was just like a quiet “woof” a dog might make.    I had been sitting still on the other side of the street from where the foxes live this whole time, and stayed still while this happened.   It seemed like the fox was cautious, but certainly not afraid.


Here I am

I was then treated to about 5 minutes of watching one of the kits play peek-a-boo out of the drainage pipe that runs underneath the road.   It popped in one side and out the other!

Oh my goodness.


What’s on this side?


Found something tasty!

Sneaking out the far side of the pipe, the little fox then ran back to its den, and all was quiet once again.

I have to say this is one of the best experiences have had observing and photographing wildlife.   I still cannot get over the fact that I was so privileged to witness this beautiful fox family.


Bye for now!

I dedicate this blog to my friend Bill, who knew I would be over the moon about these foxes, and showed me where they are living.


  1. Looking at these again is way more fun with a story!! I just love this little family!

  2. Great story and opportunity Leslie !

  3. Thank you for that glimpse into what is happening this Spring. What a beautiful glimpse into the fox family beginnings.

  4. Walter's grandparents

    Each time we look at them, we enjoy these photos more!
    Hope that you are able to follow this beautiful family as the kits grow.
    All the “waits” are worthwhile.

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