Spy Camera fun at the Lone Pine Marsh

Hi there !   I have more trail camera action to share with you.   This time it is from the Lone Pine Marsh property, north of Brighton.

I have been the property steward for the past two years for the Lone Pine Marsh, which means I visit there once a month and monitor the wildlife.   There is a huge beaver dam on the property which has served as a wildlife highway for the past few months.   Even more fun than looking at footprints is seeing the animals themselves.   Enter the trail camera.   I went back there to retrieve the photos today and found out who has been hanging around.

I came home with hundreds of photos of otters! So adorable! They have been very busy the last few weeks, both day and night. I love how they play with each other in the snow and slide on their bellies.

Of course, other creatures have been traversing the marsh at the beaver dam as well. But so far, they all seem to be getting along just fine.

I think I need to reset the date and time on the remote camera, but other than that I am excited by how it can capture this active spot for wildlife without me even being there. I love these little otters so much and hopefully I can get to see them in person on one of my visits to the marsh.

Even though the snow was still deep today, the sun feels warmer and the birds are starting to sing. There is a bit of spring in the air! All the best! Leslie


  1. How cool! It is so interesting to see these images and realize how much goes on out there when we are not there to see it! Thank you for sharing your treasures.

  2. So nice to see what goes on when people aren’t around. I have also noticed singing of birds on my walks during the last few mild days. Love the coyote!

  3. Your posts always bring a smile to my face! These are great!!

  4. Thank you Leslie, I love seeing your photos especially the otters. They seem to have so much fun.

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