My First Photo Exhibition


I recently had a two day photo exhibition “Searching for Owls” where I shared 9 of my favourite owls and their stories.   I had them printed on canvas, big and bold.   They really stood out this way and that’s how I wanted it.   I also made up a whole bunch of owl calendars, basically because my friends had been asking for them.

Here’s the link to the owls and the stories, if you haven’t seen them already!

Photo Exhibition

I had a great time at the show!   I was so happy to see friends, and also to meet new people,  fellow nature lovers and hear their stories.   My owls have gone to live in lots of different people’s homes, which makes me very happy.  We also made lots of money for a local animal welfare charity, “Fixed Fur Life.”

I baked a triple recipe of chocolate chip cookies and ate them with a distinct lack of self control.  Sooooo good!  The recipe came from my brand new daughter-in-law’s wonderful food blog – here is the link to her chocolate chip cookie recipe (but don’t stop there!)

I have something special in store for my next blog, but it will be a couple of weeks in the making.   See you then!



  1. Wish we could have been there, but when the second exhibition happens we’ll be first in line…only you’ll have to make four batches of cookies. We have a problem.


    So glad Leslie that you have been able to so seamlessly been able to change from one profession to such another wonderful way to transition to something else you love doing.

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