2020 Wanderings – Summertime

Hi there and welcome to the colours of summer 2020. I spent lots of time in my garden and out camping and canoeing. The more time I spend outdoors the better I feel. Summer is great for that.

Mute Swan family

Red breasted nuthatch baby begging for food

anemone in my garden

Ambush bug on a black eyed Susan

Hummingbird moth on a butterfly bush in my garden

Great Blue Heron taking off! Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

And the landing!

The last two photos are from a canoe trip we took- the heron was more cooperative than most of the ones I have come across, and I was able to capture its beautiful feather patterns as it flew around the marsh.

Thanks for following along in my 2020 wanderings! More to come. Leslie

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