2020 Wanderings – Early May

Hi again!   Here’s more of my wandering around in 2020.  May is when the natural world really comes alive, and is one of my favourite months of the year.  I went on my annual birding marathon in May – more on that below!

These first 5 photos are from the beaver dam across the street. May is when all the different types of herons and egrets return. They are so shy! I saw them almost every day but it is really hard to get a picture of them.

Highlights from the beaver pond also included lots of blackbirds setting up territories, and the Canada Geese and beavers getting along splendidly!

Green Heron

Great Egret

Great Blue Heron

Female Red Winged Blackbird

Canada Goose swimming right by a beaver

With most parks still closed in early May this year, I spent quite a bit of time right in my own neighbourhood. One other place I could visit was Lone Pine Marsh, a beautiful marsh about 20 minutes southwest of my house. Lone Pine Marsh is fun in the spring! Here’s some of the action:


Tree swallow getting material for its nest

All tucked in and waiting

Welcoming committee


I also had a lot of fun looking for birds at the Brighton Constructed Wetlands, which did not have any restrictions on entry. It seemed weird to go down to Brighton in May and not go to Presqu’ile Park, but I got to see some real characters at the wetland, regardless.

Greater Yellowlegs

The ever elusive Virginia Rail


I usually do my big birding marathon the second week of May, and this year was no exception! I went out for a whole day and tried to find as many different species of birds as I could.

I really wondered how it would go this year, since  I could not go to Presqu’ile Park due to the pandemic.   Interestingly, I was able to find almost as many species by going out in my local area, to Lone Pine Marsh, and to the Brighton Constructed Wetlands as I do on a normal year.  The average number of species I usually find on my annual birding marathons is about 98, and this year I found 89.   Regardless, it’s all about the challenge, and I always find something very cool each year.   Of course I do – spending an entire day outside.

Thanks for walking along with me, we will continue through the year until I catch up to the present.

All the best!  Leslie




  1. Delightful images, as ever.
    May is definitely my favourite time of year, when birds return, singing, and the woods come back to life.

  2. Great photos Leslie! I loved seeing the shot of the Virginia Rail, I have never seen one. it has been a weird year but for “Creatives” who are used to being on their own I think it has given us all time to do what we love to do.

  3. Wonderful photos!

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