Under the Earth


Let me introduce you to a bird, a mammal, and a reptile, who all spend part of their lives under the earth. First,  perhaps the most surprising one: the Belted Kingfisher! Last month my husband was talking to our neighbours who are in the process of building  their house.   …

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It’s Baby Time!


Oh boy!   It seems like in the last couple of weeks there has been an explosion of baby birds around here! Let’s start with the woodpeckers.    Last we saw them, Mama and Papa Pileated Woodpecker were taking turns looking after the eggs.    Just a couple of days …

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Two Weeks in Spring


Spring Fever!   I’ve got it,  just like I do every year.   This time of year there are changes in the natural world everywhere you look. More colourful migrants arrive each day, like this lovely Pine Warbler. Tiny Golden Crowned Kinglets have arrived at the lakeshore in busy little …

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Welcome to Amherst Island


Welcome to Amherst Island! Located on Lake Ontario, just southeast of Kingston, this little island is a haven for wildlife. Every trip to Amherst Island begins and ends with a ferry ride.   It’s only 20 minutes, but there’s always lots to see. This time of year, the ferry has …

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