Life Lessons from Walter


This is our dog Walter.   Walter knows a lot.



Here are some life lessons, straight from Walter himself.


1. Go for a walk every day.



2. Listen carefully.



3. Relax. Take a nap.



4. Share.



5. Plunge in, even if it’s scary.



6. Spend time out in nature.



7. Find the way that’s right for you.



8. Learn from your elders.



9. Be patient.



10. Enjoy the changing seasons.



11. Be a good friend.


And most importantly…


12.  It’s OK to get muddy.


Just don’t get fleas.




  1. I just keep looking at this over and over. It’s so fun to look back at baby Walter!! And the photo of him with Jack made me tear up a bit…weird.

  2. Hi guys!
    I love this so much! I work at a vet clinic (Blair Animal Hospital) and I’m going to post it on our Facebook page because it’s so awesome. Great words of advice Walter! 🙂

  3. Fabulous!

  4. Walter, oh Walter. Nothing can compare with the bond between dog and human. It’s all in how they pull our heart strings.

  5. Oh Walter, you ARE the whole package buddy! I’m so glad your mom is such a great photographer and blogger!

  6. Wonderful pictures Leslie. Even though I’m not a dog person , this guy I’d like to meet. Such a great face like Walters ,shows he is loved.

  7. Walter is just too smart, Lesley. And too cute too.

  8. Great photo journal of Walter’s puppy hood to maturity. When we left maggie and zoe on shore on occasion they would start up and howl like the wolves. Walter looks like a great companion ! thanks for sharing.

  9. What a handsome fella!

  10. Wise, wise Walter. So handsome! And the stoic Jack is forever in our hearts. Please make this into another of your amazing calendars, Leslie!

  11. GREAT advice from a very wise dog. Beautifully done Leslie! Love the photos. 🙂

  12. I love this! Thank you for posting and sharing Walter’s wisdom. A great reminder especially at this time of year!!

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