Scenes from Saskatchewan

For this blog we are going on a trip- to Saskatchewan!


Family farm

Saskatchewan is bursting with scenes like this.   Huge fields of crops, cattle, barns, hay bales, and fenceposts.


horned cow on a hill

But Saskatchewan has many scenes, including ones you may not expect.


Castle Butte

In the far south lies some really surprising geography, plants and animals.



Like cacti!  I have no idea how the cacti survive the harsh Saskatchewan winters, but it was growing in many areas we visited.


Western Kingbirds

To my great delight, the ubiquitous fenceposts and hay bales were great perches for birds.


Western Meadowlark on a fencepost

I got to see the western versions of Kingbirds and Meadowlarks.


Squawking hawk

And I have never seen more hawks in my life, except maybe on Amherst Island in the winter.


Coyote pup

We got a really good look at a juvenile coyote just as the sun was setting.   The car acts as a blind, so rolling down the window and quietly putting the camera out works- sometimes.


Burrowing owl

We were in Burrowing Owl territory but they are few and far between in the wild.  We did get a good look at them at a conservation centre in Moose Jaw.   Like so many other animals, habitat destruction and pesticides have been the cause of their decline.


Zach and me

Perhaps the most astonishing animal I saw in Saskatchewan was Zach, my mother in law’s cat.   I just had to share a photo of this 26 pound sweetie with you!

Hope you enjoyed this little side trip to Saskatchewan!   We’ll be back in Ontario next post.

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  1. Leslie, I had no idea about cacti growing in Saskatchewan. That is amazing. I love your scenic first shot and your photo of Castle Butte. Do people explore in what looked like it might be caves? Thank you.

  2. That astonishing animal you are holding now weighs in at 36 lbs. Mila his female counter-half weighs in at 18 lbs. They were 8 years old this past June. They are my “watch dogs/cats”

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