It’s Baby Time!

Oh boy!   It seems like in the last couple of weeks there has been an explosion of baby birds around here!


Mommy? Daddy? I’m hungry!

Let’s start with the woodpeckers.    Last we saw them, Mama and Papa Pileated Woodpecker were taking turns looking after the eggs.    Just a couple of days ago who did we find, but this baby sticking her head out of the nest hole!


More, more, more!!

New to me today was this Hairy Woodpecker nest with a very hungry baby inside.    The parents are all bedraggled trying to keep up with its demands .   Sound familiar?



This is a baby Northern Flicker.   I found it the other day when I was out looking at the owls.   It was making so much noise I couldn’t miss it!   It may seem that every single tree hole around here has baby birds in it.   And though of course that’s not true, it does remind  us of the value that old dead trees have for wildlife.


Baby Barred Owl on its tree snag nest

I rest my case.


Moving on

I have been spending some time down at the wetlands around Brighton and it seems as if the waterfowl are all having a baby explosion.


Look at me…

I know Canada Geese are common, but their goslings are so photogenic!


Yes we are!


Teenage angst?

Even the awkward juveniles have a charm all their own.


Best hairdos ever

These are Hooded Mergansers.   Kind of my nemesis bird.   They are so incredibly shy that I rarely catch more than a glimpse of them- flying away.    I love the females and how they have this natural mohawk “do” on their heads.


Check out these babies

Their babies are really handsome little things, with a lovely rusty brown colouring.    I was thrilled to get to see them the past couple of days.


Little Wood Duck has a lot to say

I also found a family of Wood Ducks, another notoriously shy creature.    Their babies swim around in little circles while they eat.


What is this little thing?

Here is a Common Gallinule (used to be called a Moorhen).   It has a chick at its feet.    It was squawking at it and trying to get it to walk around.    There were lots of these little baby Gallinules around, but they were far away and very sneaky.


Proud Mama

Look at the mama and her adorable little ducklings.


Which way?

There were many families of ducks at the wetlands today.    Some had over a dozen duckings.    I love watching the mom round them up and keep them safe.


Loving family

Last but not least, the Mute Swans.   Ever since I was a little girl, I have thought swans were so elegant and beautiful.  And I never understood the Ugly Duckling story. That cygnet was so cute!


We aren’t ugly ducklings, are we?

So there they are in all their glory, the little Mute Swans.

Now, that’s a lot of baby birds!

See you next time for an update on the new little family of Barred Owls in my neighbourhood.



  1. This post makes me so happy!! How to choose a favorite picture??

  2. Walter's grandparents

    Enjoyed every one. Realize that patience and energy are both required to get such intimate photos of these babies!

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