How to Make an Ice Bubble

How to Make an Ice Bubble

It’s the dead of winter.   Pretty much all living creatures are hiding.   What to do?   Let’s make some ice bubbles!


The coldest winter days are perfect for making ice bubbles.


The crystals begin to form in a few seconds and then grow up the outside of the bubble, creating fascinating patterns.



Want to try this? Here’s what you need:


1.   A cold, calm winter day.   Specifically, below – 7 degrees C.   No wind.  Bubbles blow in the wind and you don’t want to be chasing them all over the place.


2.   Lots of layers of clothing!  Of course.


3.  Patience!  Most of the bubbles pop right when you blow them.   Also, you have to blow them, catch them, then place them on a snowy surface like your deck railing or a table.   This is only successful a small percentage of the time.


4.  Sunrise or sunset is a bonus.   The golden light makes the crystals glow.   I love it.


5.  A bubble blower ( I just bought a little kids bubble kit at the dollar store) and some homemade bubble mix:

10 parts water
2 parts Ivory Dish Soap
1 part corn syrup
1 part white sugar.

The next cold day, give this a try!  Nothing to lose (except a few fingers).

Have fun!


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