Fun with a Spy Camera

Well, who do we have here?

Eastern coyote

Actually, it’s one of my neighbours!

Hello there and Happy 2021! Bring on the new year! I have to say that being out in nature and finding neat stuff was one of the things that kept me sane during 2020. But – I can’t be out all the time (especially at night) so I have a remote camera that has provided me with hours of entertainment. I set up my “spy camera” in the field across from my house. It is unbelievable to see all the action that goes on over there when I am not around.

Beautiful buck

Red Fox

Remote cameras are cheap and easy fun. They cost about $125. They are motion activated, even at night, so I just set it up and leave it. Almost every day I walk my dogs in the field and switch up the data cards – then come home, open up my computer, put the card in, and see all the action from the night before. Sure, the photos are not super good quality, but I love spying on the activity in my neighbourhood.

Most of the time there is a pattern of night photos like so: bunny, bunny, bunny, fox, fox, bunny, bunny, bunny, fox, fox, and then a morning photo of my dogs running past the camera and setting it off.

But some nights: the motherlode!!!
Here is the best day/ night ever: the night of November 18/19 In the order they showed up!

Ruffed Grouse

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (“Lucky”)

Red Fox

Red Fox

Black Bear

Black Bear

Eastern Coyote

White Tailed Deer

Can you believe all those critters live right across the street? (!)

So not every night is as exciting as that one, for sure. I did decide to name that bunny “Lucky” awhile ago. But recently I got this photo:

So maybe that bunny is not so lucky after all – and there are multiples.

To finish off this post I will include the photo my spy camera got last night:

That’s a Coyote

And then this morning:

That’s my dog Walter

Sending an honourable mention out now to some other individuals that my spy camera has captured in that field in the last couple of months:
Red Squirrel
Grey Squirrel
Black Squirrel
Our neighbour’s cat
Our neighbours walking their dogs
Blue Jays
me – over and over again

All the best as we launch into 2021! Next blog will be about a parliament of Short Eared Owls I found on Amherst Island.

Thanks for visiting! Leslie


  1. Wonderful spy photos! Thanks for posting, I loved them.

  2. Barbara

  3. Loved it…it’s so interesting what goes on when we’re not around.
    Lynne Burleson

  4. Hi Leslie!!
    Super cool!! I love these pics and the whole idea of a “spy cam”!!
    I always enjoy looking at your always AWESOME photos!! I don’t always comment, but I always enjoy ! Hope you are well, happy, healthy and living the dream! Happy New Year!!

    • Hi Lisa! Hope you are doing well. Great to hear from you. I love the spy cam idea too. When I was scrolling through and saw the photo of the bear I jumped up and said “WOAH!” So cool!

  5. You have the most amazing neighbours. This absolutely made my day! Thank you. Being able to explore both in PEI and ON has kept me sane and enhanced my overall well being.

  6. Thanks Leslie, it is amazing to see the animals that live so close.

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