Having been in an elementary school classroom for the past 20+ years, I barely noticed September as it passed by.   Kid-induced haze.  This year, it’s different.  Retirement! But not really.   I’m still up early (to hear the school busses roll by) and out the door. Living life. I’ve …

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Spectacular Shorebirds


  Spectacular shorebirds!   You bet.   To know them is to love them.  These little birds are superstars. Take a look at the gorgeous feather patterns and impressive bills on these shorebirds. Every spring and fall, shorebirds make their epic migratory journey to their arctic breeding grounds, then back …

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Tiny Predators


Tiny predators lurk just outside.   Most of us don’t even know they are there.   Here’s a collection of little critters to look out for this time of year.   Fortunately, none of them eat humans. First, let’s meet the Assassin Bug.   Yes, it kills things: flies, bees, spiders, …

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Baby Hummingbirds in the Garden


Baby Hummingbirds are feisty little creatures.   This is the best time of year to see them in my garden.   Why?   Their parents are gone.  Migrating south already.   The kids now have the garden all to themselves. Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds (The only species of hummingbird in Eastern North America) are fiercely territorial. …

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Life in a Great Blue Heron Colony: Check out these Babies!


Cute baby? Ugly baby? You decide… Oh my… Let me introduce you to one of our more photogenic baby birds in the area – Great Blue Herons. We are lucky to have a nesting colony of Great Blue Herons (more specifically, a “heronry”) north of us on the Trent River system.   …

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