Searching for Owls

Here you will meet the owls from my photo exhibition that took place November 7 and 8, 2014.  
There are two ways to look at the gallery:

1. Scroll down through the photos and read the stories that go with them.

2. Click on any image to begin a slide show of the images.   They show up nicely in this format.

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  1. Hi Leslie! My mother (Joyce) forwarded me a link to these images. Beautifully done. I particularly liked the whimsy in “Peek-a-boo”. It brought a smile to my morning.

    • Hi Craig great to hear from you! Those baby owls were so curious. They stuck their necks out and twisted their heads around to watch us. What a treat to watch them!

  2. My granddaughter loves owls… she is two and this is such a beautiful collection to show her on my laptop

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