Foxes in the Forest

This May, I found two fox dens in the forest near my home. They are near places I walk by almost every day, protected and hidden.

I went back to the first den with my camera and sat way up on the hill above it for a little bit one afternoon. Soon enough, I had four little sets of eyes peeking out at me. All the photos of the first den are from that one afternoon.  I had really nice light for the photos, so am thankful for that.

Oh. My. Goodness.


Eventually just one fox kit decided to stay outside, and I got to watch it as it settled in.

Pretty relaxing except for the flies.

As I left I set up a remote video camera and went back a few days later to retrieve it. I got some fun videos of the foxes running, playing with a Wild Turkey wing left over from dinner the parents had brought in. I did not know foxes could catch a Wild Turkey! Apparently they can! After that I left them alone to grow up. I keep hoping I will see one dart across a path when I am walking, but nothing so far.

This second set of fox kits I ran into when I was out looking for owls. I had heard and seen a pair of Barred Owls on the hill right above where this fox den is located.

I have discovered a lot about myself through my photography- and one thing for sure is that I like to go out quietly by myself.   Every once in a while in the nature photography world some bird or animal will be discovered, and before you know it there is a huge crowd of photographers lined up taking photos.   I witnessed this in Ottawa a few years ago when the Great Grey Owls showed up in Rockcliffe Park.  I also saw it on Amherst Island this winter when 20+ Snowy Owls decided to congregate all in one spot for a few days, and cars were parked all over the sides of the roads.

I know that anytime I am out taking photos of birds or animals I am impacting their behaviour somewhat, no matter how quiet or hidden I try to be.   But I think that going back to the same place over and over and getting really close just to get a great shot is not necessary.   I saved my money for a big lens, and it helps me keep my distance.   I can crop my photos quite a bit without affecting the quality as well. And as far as lining up with a big group of photographers- forget it.  I am so grateful that I was able to spend some quiet time observing these little foxes, all by myself.

There were at least four kits in this second den as well. They seemed happy and healthy. I loved watching them snuggle into logs to have a sleep.

I set up a remote camera at the second den too. I love these “spy cams” since I can see what is going on without bugging the animals. This camera captured video of the kits playing, one of the parents, and a BLACK BEAR sniffing around the den! If you are interested in seeing a couple of the videos I will share my dropbox folder with you, just ask for them in the comments below.

I will be keeping my eyes open in my neighbourhood for a glimpse of these little ones as they grow, learn, and expand their territories.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your interest in nature.



  1. Oh Leslie, these are wonderful photos, and I really respect YOUR respect for nature. Thank you for sharing these, and yes please, I would love to view the videos, thanks for that, too.

  2. How thrilled you must be to have been able to catch these wonderful little animals on you camera. Your pictures are delightful, always, but these really make me smile. Many thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  3. Beautiful shots Leslie! I’m the same as you … love being in the forest alone with the wildlife… so peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Laurie Devlin-Hannon

    Incredible Leslie…..would love to see your videos

  5. Just looking through these leaves me with such a profound sense of peace and happiness. What a wonderful life yours must be. I share these with family and friends overseas. They look forward to them.

  6. Love following your adventures, Leslie. Would love to see your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Leslie: I totally understand your feelings of being alone when taking your photos. I to like to be alone when photographing for reference shots for my art.
    And…YES I would love to see the videos! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Thank you for not only respecting the wildlife but saying that. It means a lot. If you get time, I would love to have a peak at what was captured.

  9. I love your photos and your teachings…as always 🙂
    I would love to see some videos, but I am not sure how Dropbox works?

  10. Great shots Leslie and I too would enjoy seeing the videos.

  11. I love your photos and even more so, your respect for wildlife. Totally agree that there is nothing to compare to being in the woods alone with nature, the best therapy ever.
    Would very much appreciate if you could send me link to videos.

  12. Hi Leslie,
    I love this post and the way you are a part of nature unfolding without being intrusive. Really great photos!
    And….those little fox kits are so sweet.
    I would love to see the videos.

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